Multiple encode(nvenc) session on GTX 1080

Hi Guys,

I need a clear verification, about how many encode session can i run on GTX 1080 (Pascal, GP104) ?
I read a lot about this, but i cant find any clear answer.


There are no restrictions on the number of sessions. Each GP104 has two NVENC engines.
FullHD h.264 HP Constant QP: 1300fps (~40 realtime streams)
FullHD h.264 LLHQ dual pass: 740fps (~25 rt streams)
FullHD h.265 HP Constant QP: 650fps (~20 realtime)
FullHD h.265 LLHQ dual pass: 450fps (~15 realtime)

A system with GTX 1080 and any GeForce card can run up to two simultaneous encode sessions, regardless of number of NVENC’s on the chip.

Just for clarity, this is documented in the Video Codec SDK documentation (app note).