Does it only support 2 nvenc encoding channels on GTX750 Ti?


I’m using FFMPEG to implement GPU encoding work by enabling NVENC. The card is GTX750 Ti. I found that I could only create 2 encoders. If I create more encoders, nvEncOpenEncodeSessionEx will fail. I want to ask if it is the hardware limitation. If yes, could I get other cards to implement multiple encoding?

Thanks for your reply in advance.



I’ve read somewhere that this is a question of license.
With a system whith GeForce board (even with several GeForce boards), you can encode at most 2 streams simultaneously.
If you want to encode more than 2 streams simultaneously, you have to use a Quadro board.

I forgot the link, but perhaps that someone from NVidia could confirm.


Thanks, got it.

Ive come up against this as well on a GTX970.

Can you point me in the right direction so I can do more than 2 encodes as currently the 2 take 3% of the GPUs cpu.