NVENC GTX 1080ti Only 2 Streams


Im new to encoding using NVENC, and we have just built a machine in the hopes of using it for video transcoding however the card appears to be limited to a maximum of 2 streams.

We need to do around 20 streams in total maybe a few more, so i would like to know what my options are, as i was told it was possible to unlock the 1080 to be able to do more but i cannot find anything in regards to this, i was also told its possible to get a licence to unlock it?

Hopefully some one can help in regards to this, or some one can provide me with the best card to do to transcode 20 iptv live streams using ffmpeg.

Not such license available - for multiencoder enabled card check https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support-matrix.

Transcode depends on parameters like input resolution and framerate and output resolution, framerate, requested quality, GPU clocks, GPU type and video content type (check performance overview https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-video-codec-sdk and study NVDEC_Application_Note.pdf and NVENC_Application_Note.pdf).

For example transcoding 1080p60 h264 -> 1080p60 hevc/high performance/constantQP “realistic stream” on “Quadro Px000”:
1x decoder h264 == ~633 FPS
1x encoder hevc == ~421 FPS
20x iptv == 20*60 FPS = 1200 FPS
Probably need ~3x P2000 or ~2x P5000 (P5000 have 2 encoders on chip) for this example.