Buy several GTX cards or a simple Quadro card

Hi, I have a doubt about the driver limitation of FFmpeg process you can run at the same time.

The limitation of only 2 works for NVENC: is per card or is per computer? if you have 2 gtx cards, can you run 4 works? could be better to have only one quadro card?

In my work we have to encode to several formats for streaming, normally we encode to 360 - 720 and 1080 (3 simultaneous ffmpeg process) , we make a parallel transcoding by CPU right now, but we want to use GPU because we made some tests and works very fast.

Can you help me to understand better this policy?

ps: Is true that a RTX can double the performance of the GTX 10X0 series in encoding?

Limitation is per computer

Thanks for your answer, what if i have a virtual machines and I connect the card to the VM as a vGPU, the limitation is also 2 per vm or is still 2 for the entire machine?

  • GTX does not support NVidia vGPU (only GRID or some TESLA)
  • GTX does not support passthrough to guest (only Quadro x2000 or better or GRID or TESLA)

But you can search the Internet for some “solutions” but Nvidia is not happy ($$$ lost and breaking GTX EULA as Nvidia claims -