Multiple gpus(different types) running CUDA program

Hi everyone:
I have a weird question which I can’t find a correct answer. Can you give me some advice?
I want to install two different type of graphic cards in one motherboard(Geforce 9800GTX+ and Geforce 7300GT), supporting different monitors. It is not SLI technology, which requires the graphic cards the same type. I want to make Geforce 9800GTX+ run my CUDA program. Will it work? When I allocate memory in my CUDA program, can I specify which graphic card to allocate memory?
Thank you.

Yes, you can run CUDA on the 9800 but not on the 7300GT. If both cards supported CUDA, you would be able to specify where memory is allocated and where the kernels are run, but again, only the newer of your two cards is supported.

Also…one post is quite enough to get an answer here. There’s really no reason to cross post on the different CUDA forums.

Thank you very much.

I am sorry to cross post on the different forums. I am eager for the answer!