Multiple plugin pipeline where one plugin uses sgie and another doesnt

Deepstream 5.1-devel docker.

Hello, I am using deepstream-app for our application and we are trying to understand what needs to be done to create such a pipeline.

                                  --> Custom plugin 1 ----------------------
Camera stream -> pgie (detector) -|                                         | -> Display/OSD
                                  --> sgie (classifier) -> Custom plugin 2 -

we found somewhat a similar pipeline here on a nvidia presentation. Here in the slide 8 is a ‘Sample application’ architecture

As I understand Car make, Car type, Car color are sgie classifiers that work parallel with a 3rd party plugin (same as custom plugin e.g. gst-dsexample?) .

How to create such a pipeline? Is it possible to create pipeline like this in deepstream-app from configuration file or creating a custom pipeline is a must for task like this?

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Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support?


Hi, yes it is still an issue

Create pipeline with samples.

Could you please elaborate, which examples uses pipeline like similar to this, or do you mean make your own pipeline by using the examples?

Seems you neen make one based on samples.

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