n-body print the CPU FLOP/s maybe a noob question.

Guys, i was running the n-body sample, i was interested in making some comparisons between my CPU and my GPU. i’ve read in the readme, that calling the n-body this way:

nbody --compare

makes it run the same task in the processor and in the video card. and returns a simple “TEST PASSED”. i want to know if theres a way to print the GFLOP/s when the program runs in my CPU without recompiling the program. i 'm starting with CUDA now, and i still don’t have a C compiler and i really don’t know how to proceed to compile a program (i’ve read the Guides but, still i don’t know how to do it).

If there is another program between the samples that make this kind of comparison, please let me know, i’d appreciate.

Thanks for the help, and for the patience with a noob.