Nano SPI speeds and buffer sizes?

What are the SPI speeds and supported buffer sizes for the Jetson Nano? Before I start digging into configuration, I’d like to know the following:

  • What APIs/libraries are available to communicate over SPI?
  • What are the max SPI frequencies?
  • What are the max SPI buffer sizes that can be transmitted? And is it possible to produce a circular buffer to enable uninterrupted transfer of large amounts of data?

Have a check the struct spi_transfer, you can configure the size and speed. The max buffer and speed should depend on the device.

Is there nothing available in documentation or existing device drivers for this? My fear is that I go through that driver-api documentation and find that either I’m supposed to find that max speed myself from a datasheet somewhere, or that it’s not properly implemented within what’s available.

The host max support to 50 Mhz, but usually we care what device need to run for.

Found it. On page 2837 of the TRM for the Tegra X1. Maximum data rate is 65Mbps in master mode. The TX2 is limited to 50Mbps.