need 2 nvidia drivers?

I have on my (fairly recent) motherboard a GeForce 7025 chip which drives the display and now needs the 304.xx legacy driver. But I also have installed a new GT 640 PCIe card which I am using exclusively for GPGPU programming. It needs the newly updated nvidia driver.

On the surface, it looks like I need to have both drivers – the default one and the 304.xx – installed, since I don’t want to plug the display into the new card.

Is it possible to have both drivers? If so, how do I do it? (I’m using Arch Linux distro) Thanks for any help!

What do you lose by running the display on the GT640?

Hi Cassino,

Unfortunately running two separate drivers side-by-side isn’t a supported configuration. I don’t have any great suggestions in your situation besides disabling the integrated GPU and acquiring a very low-profile, non-legacy product to drive your display such as the GeForce 210.

Licaon: using a separate card for display has value when doing heavy GPGPU work as you usually want CUDA to get all the resources and processing power that it can get, leaving no GPU cycles or memory for rendering your desktop in an interactive fashion.


  • Pierre-Loup