multiple cards and device drivers

I have a pretty old GPU enabled NVIDA card, (GT215 GeForce GT 240) I wanted to make a setup with multiple cards/devices.

I am just wondering if I can get a newer card say a titan or 900 series is there a configuration where I can enable both devices will the nvidia drivers allow that? or should I use cards in the same series hoping that one driver supports them all?

I am using to for Cudnn, and related frameworks don’t know if that makes a difference.

You can only load one NVIDIA driver at a time.

“recent” drivers that will be interesting that will support recent versions of cudnn will not support your GT215 based device.

So if I want to have multiple cards and use one CUDA driver do I need to buy cards in the same series for example I can buy in GeForce 10 Series and buy a 1080 GTX and a Titan X in the same series and use the same driver (like 367.44)?

Or can I get any series that support the same driver and mix and match with other cards that support that driver as well?

Current drivers support all GPUs with compute capability >= 2.0. A handy list of GPUs ordered by compute capability can be found at