multiple GPU setup

I have one redhat 6 server with a K20 and it’s working great. The engineers want to add another card - a GeForce GTX Titan X. They have the money, so they’ll buy the card and I’m just the IT schlub who has to make it work. So I have some questions.

  1. Can I have different card types on the same server? They use different drivers for the K20 and for the Titan, so my guess is no. I can install it on a different engineering department’s server if I have to.

  2. Is there any special setup for installing dual cards?



You can have different card types. They would need to share the same driver. The 367.27 driver for the Titan should work fine with the K20.

There isn’t anything special to a dual card setup, from a software install perspective, if you are not using the graphics capabilities (i.e. using the GPUs for just compute). You’ll want to be sure the server has appropriate power and cooling for both GPUs, and the server BIOS would need to be able to configure the cards correctly for the OS.

What kind of K20 is this? Since you mention “server” I would assume a passively cooled card that relies on the fans in the server enclosure for sufficient airflow over its heat sink. By contrast, the GTX Titan X is an actively cooled card (with its own fan), and it sucks in the air from the side. My concern would be that airflow across the GTX Titan may be insufficient in a tightly packed server enclosure. At minimum I would suggest running an initial GPU stress test while simultaneously monitoring GPU temperature with nvidia-smi.