problem using two graphic cards

Hi, I’m trying to install two graphic cards on my windows machine. Could one card be from NVIDIA (GTX) and the other from any other brand? How can it be done? I tried this but I’m getting two bad situations: 1) the driver of the card which is not NVIDIA appears with an exclamation point in the device manager but the NVIDIA card is working on CUDA, and 2) both drivers appear O.K. in the device manager and the CUDA environment prints “there is not device”.

Thanks a lot for your help,


This thread might help:

It’s nigh impossible to get two cards with different underlying chipsets (i.e., different drivers) to work together, at least under Windows.

what is the other card?

as jhanweck noted, if they have different chipsets it makes things really difficult.

it is ok if they are different brands or even if they have different clocks or amounts of memory, as long as they use the same driver and have the same gpu (2 8800s or 2 6800s, etc)