Server with two different GPUs

Hello everyone,
I have a curiosity.

Can a server run two different type of GPU? E.g., titan X and titan V can consist simultaneously?


Should work as long as they’re supported by the same driver version.

That sounds promising.

In particular, we have this server with two Titan X (Pascal) GPUs (later 2016 I think) and we would like to add two Titan V (we have two empty slots). My understanding is that this configuration should work, assuming that we install the right updated driver versions. In fact, right now we have Ubuntu 14.04 and driver 367.48 (CUDA 8.0), which does not support the Titan V.

For what I have seen, I need to put at least the driver 387.34 (which supports both version of the GPUs). But can I do it with Ubuntu 14.04? Or should I update to 16.04? Moreover, would the more updated version work for both GPUs (driver 390.48)?

Do I need to transition to CUDA 9 also?

IIRC, there’s a little caveat with cuda 8 and Volta gpus like the Titan V, so upgrading to cuda 9 is advised to get optimal performance. So while both Titan X and V would work with driver R390 and Ubuntu 14.04, cuda 9 afaik needs Ubuntu 16.04.
Edit: you can of course also use 14.04 and the cuda .run installer but that might get fiddly.