Need help on choosing nvidia cards for CUDA programming

I am using CUDA for computer vision and machine learning, like image processing, calculating HOG, training SVM, etc. I’ve also noticed the issues in computing from

So I am wondering:

  1. Are there differences among the nvidia gpus when using CUDA for computer vision processing? I mean if some are good at and some are not.
  2. If yes can you recommend some card models? I’m oriented on a geforce series and my budget is about $300-$500


For that budget the 7xx series will be the best option. If you need 64 bit precision for calculations then that puts you in the Titan range ($1,000), but given your stated objective the 780 will be a good fit.If you are willing to spend a bit more then the 780 ti is the top dog, and worth the extra cash IMO.

this may help:

If it’s just for leaning and prototyping at home I would get a Maxwell based one like the GTX 750 Ti. If it needs to be fast simply buy the fastest one, a GTX 780 Ti, and if you need faster double precision performance just get the Titan Black.

Thank you all for the replies and I think the 7xx series would satisfy the my needs:)