Need help with Cuda / GPU setup

I am running Windows 10 and have a Nvida Quadro RTX3000 GPU that I would like to use for AI/ML and deep learning with tensorflow/pytorch.

I have not used a GPU before, and would be great to understand what I need to get up and running using the GPU, specifically what software and updates I would need to install prior to using the GPU?

  1. Should I use Visual Studio 19 with Cuda toolkit 11.2?
  2. What is the order of installation? Visual studio > cuda toolkit 11.2 > cuDNN > tensorflow with gpu support…would this be the correct order?
  3. Are there any Windows 10 cuda patches I should download?
  4. Which version of cuDNN (especially if i want to run it with tensorflow or a jupyter notebook)?
  5. Anything else I would need to get up and running?

Thank you so much!

I can’t answer all your questions but here are my recommendations :

  1. yes
  2. that looks right to me.
  3. none I am aware of.