Noob - Best Practice Advice? -> GTX 10 Series / OS / Applications / Libraries

Noob - Best Practice Advice? -> VS2015 / GTX 10 Series / OS / Applications / Libraries


Just took delivery of GTX1070/i5-6400/16GB-RAM/256GB-SSD/2TB-HDD) and I’d like to kickoff on the best foot.

CUDA 8.0 Quick Start Guide + Win 10 + GTX1070 + Cuda Toolkit 8.0 RC + VS2015 Update 1 Ver + Auto Update
= VS CUDA Samples Failure
= Failed attempt to rollback VS2015 to supported Update 1
= Revert to System Restore Point
= This Post

Main Q is “Do I require visual studio?”

  • Does one Require Visual Studio to complete Cuda Toolkit 8.0 install or is it just included the CUDA 8.0 Quick Start Guide for shits, giggles and confirmation that Cuda 8.0 installed successfully by running something?
  • (Seems crazy for Nvidia to force windows users to download a application that creates excessive clutter, that may often remain unused due to a lack of interest / preference for altrenatives - That may be a naive statement, please clarify if it is. I just want to speed up R using my new GPU.)

Best Practice Advice?

  • OS for Data Science. Win or Ubuntu? Win 10 installed by default.
  • Good Cuda supported Data Science application? Im OK to stick with R?
  • Good Cuda supported Data Science libraries? (Caret has been reccommended for ease of use but I believe it lacks Cuda support, is h2o a good alternative for noobs)
  • What kind of performance increase can one expect when I get GTX 1070 functioning?

Or as a noob am I inadvisably increasing complexity and putting the cart before the horse by bringing GPU’s & Cuda into the equation? Also general pointers/feedback appreciated…

(Noted 9th Sept 16, The GTX 10 Series is only supported by CUDA Toolkit 8 RC which is only supported specifically by “Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 Version”), PS I still don’t know if VS2015 is a prerequisite install before one can get any cuda application working?

[b]Noted 10th Sept 16 - CUDA Working - Visual Studio 2015 - Update 1 - CUDA Sample sln file Builds are Succeeding

GTX 10 Series (GTX 1070 assumed for GTX 1080 & GTX 1060)
Visual Studio 2015 - Update 1
CUDA Toolkit 8 RC
Nvidia GeForce Experience

Unsuccessfully tried to rollback VS2015 Updates
Reverted to System Restore Point with no VS2015 installed
Reinstalled VS2015 Update 1 Version
Did Not Take Updates to VS
Installed Cuda Toolkit 8 RC
Ignored Driver Warnings
Updated GPU Drivers using GeForce Experience
Opened CUDA Samples (C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\CUDA Samples)
Got Warnings multiple warnings - proceeded - promprted to install missing packages - installed
Opened CUDA Sample from again - Launched - Built - Succeeded


(Initially I had to right click the solution in VS Solution Exploter and select Reload)

Still dont know if I ever needed to install VS2015 and launch a solution to complete install of GTX1070 and CUDA 8 RC ???

RE: MULTIPLE WARNINGS - Should I select the option to stop showing these errors and forget about them?

I get these 4 when I click on a sln file and VS opens.

  1. The ‘NuGetPackage’ package did not load correctly.
  2. The ‘VSPackage’ package did not load correctly.
  3. The ‘ConnectedServicesPackage’ package did not load correctly.
  4. The ‘Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.BootstrapPackage.BootstrapPackage, Microsoft.Data.EntityDesign.800tstrapPackage, version:, Culture—neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7fI I dSOa3a’ package did notload correctly.

I get this warning when when I hit Build in solution expolrer of VS

  1. The ‘NuGetPackage’ package did not load correctly.