CUDA 10 and Visual Studio Integration

I am currently trying to install CUDA 10.0 on my windows 10 dell laptop which has a gtx 960M series of gpu.
However, my install of CUDA toolkit always stops at CUDA visual studio integration step.
The guide says I must have visual studio 2017 and visual c++ compiler 15.7 and 15.0.
I’ve tried a number of different combinations but nothing seems to work. I’ve downloaded 2017 community version of visual studio but still its not getting recognized by CUDA.
Please Help!

Good evening,
I finally managed to install CUDA 10 on windows 10 (I also have a GTX960M graphic card) and integrate it in VS2017.

I tried many different thngs but what succeeded was to install manually everything except VS integration then, restart the launcher and install manually only the VS Integration…
I don’t know why but it worked…
I hope it might help…