New Github Repo: PhysX-3.3. Old repo PhysX is deprecated!

We have decided to maintain separate Github repositories for major releases of PhysX SDK, because development work on major releases is done in parallel on separate trunks, and it would be cumbersome to combine them. Therefore we have created a new repository for the PhysX-3.3/APEX-1.3 source code, instead of renaming the old repository.

The existing repository is being deprecated.

The new repository is

Everyone who had access to the old PhysX repository now has access to the PhysX-3.3 repository.

New additions: iOS support and PhysX SDK Samples are now available in the PhysX-3.3 repository. The new repository has a fresh build of PhysX-3.3, officially the 3.3.3 release, which is tagged. There are two branches, ‘master’ and ‘release’.

We are working on a system for users to execute a Collaborators License Agreement, which will enable us to accept pull requests. This should be available in the next week or two; until then we will not take action on pull requests.


I have requested access since 17.04 but no answer yet. What can be wrong, please?

I don’t know, the system is automated and usually works well. Did you send an email to the Gameworks Support team? I will look for it and bring it to the attention of the IT people.

The repository is no longer there; search all over the internet but can’t find the 3.3.3 SDK anywhere.

How can I get a hold on the SDK for an old D3D9 project?