It is the first time i work with CUDA. I have to work in a project in the university for one year, but i dont know how to start working, even I have read all the guides and information.

I would like to know if there is a part of the source code which i have to write in c++, or if CUDA only works in C, in order to create a graphic application.

Thanks for your answers

If I were you, I would start out by looking at the example projects in the SDK. And then choose the one that looks the most like you need to do and modify the code until it does what you want.

Also reading example source code is for me the best way to understand how to program cuda

You need to write your CUDA kernels in C, but the rest of your program can be written in anything you please. If you create a minimal set of C function calls to setup and run your kernels, you could call these functions from C++, fortran, python, java, matlab … and many more. Sticking to a combination of C and C++ would certainly be the most natural way to go, though.