New to CUDA Need Information

Hi, I’m new to CUDA so I need plenty information on it how to program, debug and create .cu file.
The last part on creating .cu file thats where I’m stuck, don’t know with what program or how to
Also I will appreciate if someone has more material on CUDA, tutorials or information to get started.
I will program in C/C++.

Thanks a lot.

Open a text editor, create a new file and save it with some name and extension .cu. I found very useful the book “CUDA by Example: An Introduction to General-Purpose GPU Programming” This book is a little older book but it is a good place to start. After you get a good idea about what is happening read the CUDA Programming Guide and CUDA Best Practices from the cuda zone webpage. Try to get some small problems related to your work studies as cases to learn cuda, it makes it easier.

Try also the webinars for tricks and tips: