new to CUDA

hi guys…i’m new to the world of CUDA…i’ve heard a lot about CUDA but since i’m a late starter i dont know where i can find basics of CUDA

The first steps are (in order):

  • Download and install the latest drivers

  • Download and install the latest toolkit (v2.1)

  • Download and install the latest SDK (v2.1)

Then, you should read the programming guide and CUDA manual thoroughly until you understand the ins and outs of CUDA. Then check out some of the sample project code included in the SDK. Also, come to the forums once a day and read through everyone else’s topics so you can see what problems they’re having and how they were solved, since you will likely run into the same problems at some point.

If you do all that, you should be able to get familiar with the system pretty quickly.

thanks profquail…it really helped alot…