How to begin programming in CUDA

Hi Guys,
Sorry this issue may look redundant but I have searched through different forums but starting with CUDA still looks to be a distant dream for me.

I have 64-bit, Windows 7 Home edition with Nvidia Geforce GT540M graphic card with Optimus technology. I have already VS2008 & Cuda kit installed.
I would welcome if anyone can refer a link that just make me start with the programming. I really urgently need this help as I need to use CUDA for my PhD research work dealing in fractal image compression.

1.) Download the SDK:

2.) Compile&run a simple project there(vectorAdd is as simple as it gets)

3.) Modify the sample to learn the basics, and most importantly read the cuda programming guide pdf!

I started with the book CUDA by Example and got many tutorials, though keep in mind that some things are specific to the compute capability.