New to cuda

Hi all,

Im a total n00b when it comes to GPU programming. Just been doing a bit of research and found CUDA to nbe the new hot thing. I have a 8800GTX and would like to take advantage of the CUDA technology. I have downloaded the SDK but have no idea how to use it.

If some one could get me started i would be very happy. I believe I load the CUDA library into Visual Studio but with the SDK part of the CUDA package title i was expecting a programming environment. Maybe im totally off the beat here and do just need some direction.

Anyways any starting hints would be very much appreciated.

Thanks again


Well first of all you should read CUDA Programming guide…g_Guide_1.0.pdf, if you have not yet.
After installing CUDA tools and CUDA SDK it would be useful to study and then build and run some of CUDA samples (there are a lot of, therefore it is sensible to choose sample which touch problem familiar to you). The next step IMO is to try to write your own application on the base of sample.

NB! Cuda samples are ready-to-use Visual Studio solutions. However you’ll probably need to define some environment variables.