Steps to Start development with Cuda


I am new to this environment.
I want to know how can I start developing an application which run on GPU.
What are the steps to do this? Like what is .cu file, .ptx file. How we create these files and do we need to always create these files.
I want to develop my application in C#.NET.
Please help me to start programming with CUDA.

It’s a large topic and it can’t all be covered here.

You’ll need to get some CUDA knowledge, which you could do perhaps by working through “CUDA by example” by Sanders and Kandrot

Then, you might try Cudafy for CUDA programming in C#

There are many resources on the web for cudafy, you could start with this tutorial:

And of course the obvious reference:

Pick the Getting Started Guide for your platform and read the Programming Guide, which is the canonical reference for programming CUDA. That is all you need, although there is a wealth of other information available following the link above.