New Weekly Isaac Sim / Robotics Livestream Every Tuesday at 11am PST!

Please join a rotating cast of Isaac Sim developers for a new weekly livestream series every Tuesday at 11am PST! The developers will be answering forum questions, show new projects, and answer your questions live. For more background on Isaac Sim, please see: What Is Isaac Sim? — Omniverse Robotics documentation

Join the inaugural livestream on Tuesday April 4, at 11am PST! We’ll be broadcasting on:
YouTube: NVIDIA Omniverse - YouTube
Twitch: Twitch
Discord: Discord

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Is this still happening? I don’t see it listed in the upcoming events or in YouTube or Twitch.

Guess not – didn’t see anything on any of the links.

Hi @dan.sandberg

You can find some comments about the future livestreamings in the following post