Nishgt-Compute ==ERROR== LaunchFailed

Hi, I tried to run Nsight-Compute to profile the cuda Kernel that I was developing. I have encountered the following launch error. The Kernel is able to run successfully without the Nsight-Compute profiling command.

The command for Nsight-Compute profiling:
/home/NVIDIA-Nsight-Compute-2023.2/ncu --target-processes all

==ERROR== LaunchFailed
==PROF== Trying to shutdown target application
==ERROR== The application returned an error code (9).

Anyone has encountered the same problem before? Any suggestions?

Thanks and Best Regards,

Are you passing the name of the application to the to ncu bianary or does your command actually end with “all”. If so, what’s the full command line?

Thanks for the reply. I did try by using NVIDIA-Nsight-Compute-2023.1 with the same command line and the profiling is working with 2023.1 version for now. The command line:
/home/NVIDIA-Nsight-Compute-2023.1/ncu --target-processes all -o reportCompute1 -f ./kernelName