no CUDA-capable device is available Working from root account not from my user account

HI All,
I am using CUDA version 2.3 on ubuntu 9.10. I have GT200 [Tesla C1060] GPU. I facing very strange problem while running GPU program.
I am able to run GPU program from root profile but the same program is not running from my user profile. I am getting error “no CUDA-capable device is available”.

I have few questions in this regard :

  1. Is this a installation problem. Can the access to GPU be restricted during installation ?
  2. Does linux restrict access to GPU ? Do I need to get permission to access GPU from root.
  3. Any other reason . Anyone faced same problem before.

Please help me out.

Thanks in Advance,

set /dev/nvidia* permissions to 0666

set /dev/nvidia* permissions to 0666