No fruits are showed on omniverse code

Hi. I am following replicator tutorial to create synthetic fruit datase.
But, After a day, i still cannot create the random synthetic dataset.

I follow two above tutorial videos. Both of these two video do not show fruit or shrubs.

@Robert_Hoang i am just another user passing by - do you see any errors in your console? can you confirm that the asset paths to the USD assets you’ve specified in the script can be found on your localhost?

Hi @Simplychenable Thank for your reply.

I don’t seen any errors on my console, detail log is attached in this comment.
I also check the usd files, All of them are available

logs.txt (11.8 KB)

i see, you did say it was working for you for a day before it stopped working? i see several warnings pertaining to the material on the worker and the outdoor template scene, but nothing regarding meshes like you’ve said.

Sorry for making you misunderstand, I followed the documentation, and used many different ways, from debugging (print) to using difference versions of (omniverse, code, issac sim). But i have never done it successfully

can you confirm whether you tried to “Start” the replicator from the Replicator menu? it should freeze the OV app for a few seconds. i can’t seem to replicate the issue (fruitbox tutorial, specifically) using the python snippet from github. is that where you got the code? because i do see some discrepancies in the code based on your screenshot.

Hi @Simplychenable
I copy the code from nvidia official repo from github
I also try “Start” from Replicator (in toolbar), but nothing happend.
Detail is showed in the attached video (pls ignore the sound)

everything seems correct (the only thing i left as is was the output). now that you have gotten the wooden crate on screen from running the script, try to “Start” from the Replicator menu; that should kick things off (this should freeze the app for a few seconds). that’s really the only step that i see that didn’t take place at the end. or, you can try “Preview” to see a single iteration of randomizations and quickly visualize to ensure everything’s working.

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to clarify regarding the output path, here’s what was noted on the doc at the bottom (added below for your convenience).

If you did not modify output_dir, in linux, the data will be in HOME/_output.

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Hi @Simplychenable ,
Finally I did it, it shows me the fruits with random position.
I am checking on other examples.
Thank you so much.

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so it’s really just order of operations from the sound of it. the idea is to run the script to define the environment first before starting the replicator; both are needed for it to work.

Yes, you are definitely right,
Without your help, It might take me another day to solve it.

don’t sweat it, i am learning too 🙂 and hopefully learn twice as fast when we put our heads together.

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