No module name tensorrt - deepstream 6.0

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

**• Hardware Platform GPU
**• DeepStream Version 6.0
**• TensorRT Version - ubuntu18.04 - cuda 11.3
After pull deepstream 6.0 from nvidia ngc.I cannot import tensorrt

>>> import tensorrt
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'tensorrt'

So i follow install tensorrt instruction:
download install file: nv-tensorrt-repo-ubuntu1804-cuda11.3-trt8.0.1.6-ga-20210626_1-1_amd64.deb

$ dpkg -i nv-tensorrt-repo-ubuntu1804-cuda11.3-trt8.0.1.6-ga-20210626_1-1_amd64.deb
$ apt-key add /var/nv-tensorrt-repo-ubuntu1804-cuda11.3-trt8.0.1.6-ga-20210626/
$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install libnvinfer8=8.0.1-1+cuda11.3 libnvinfer-plugin8=8.0.1-1+cuda11.3 libnvparsers8=8.0.1-1+cuda11.3 libnvonnxparsers8=8.0.1-1+cuda11.3 libnvinfer-bin=8.0.1-1+cuda11.3 libnvinfer-dev=8.0.1-1+cuda11.3 libnvinfer-plugin-dev=8.0.1-1+cuda11.3 libnvparsers-dev=8.0.1-1+cuda11.3 libnvonnxparsers-dev=8.0.1-1+cuda11.3 libnvinfer-samples=8.0.1-1+cuda11.3 libnvinfer-doc=8.0.1-1+cuda11.3
$ apt-get install tensorrt

Still cannot import tensorrt.

Does tensorrt8 only support python 3.8?
How do i use tensorrt for python3.6 in deepstream6.0?
or How do i install pyds for pyton3.8?
These are no pyds suppot python 3.8

which docker? what 's your platform? Can you provide the setup info as other topic?

Hi @mchi please take a look at this post

do you want to close this ticket?
Don’t need create new topic for one issue.


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