Non-Conforming Max Work Item Sizes Not sure if this is me, getDeviceInfo, or a real problem

There has been a lapse in my attention of this OpenCL platform. I had hardware problems right at the time Snow Leopard came out, so I switched while I got my display warranty nightmare worked out.

Using the 185 driver, on a 8800 GTX, I got maximum work item dimensions of 512 512 64. Now that I am back, I get 512 64 0. Is my program reporting this right?

if this is the value now, why can this be so? It is not even a valid value. The minimum value is 1 1 1, and the mimimum dimensions is 3.

I turned off my device checking saying no devices met my requirements, and my kernels ran!! My kernel work size calibrator, which uses the third dimension, worked fine providing optimal sizes. It is obviously just a problem of detection/reporting.

There is some difference in the return of clGetDeviceInfo CL_DEVICE_MAX_WORK_ITEM_SIZES between Apple & Cuda. This must have crept in once I moved over to OSX. I think it had to do with 32 & 64 bit testing. If I can find isolate, I will report as appropriate.