Not able to install Nvidia drivers for my graphics card


I am trying to install the nvidia drivers in my Ubuntu 18.04 Asus ROG laptop with nvidia geforce RTX 3060 graphics card.

Everytime I install the nvidia drivers, it says to reboot and on reboot, I lose my ubuntu GUI. When I purge remove the nvidia driver and reboot again, I am able to get back the Ubuntu GUI.

When I had lost my GUI after tge driver installation, I went to the tty2 screen and did a dmesg. I am getting that Nvidia module verification failed : signature key missing and thus nvidia is tainting kernel.

I have tried installing nvidia from all available methods, using ubuntu-drivers autoinstall, using apt-get, installing from the .run file and also from the ppa graphics method. I tried out these methods in both Ubuntu 20.04 and 18.04. My secure boot is disabled. I am using X11 for display.

Kindly help me out with this issue at the earliest and guide me towards how to best install the compatible drivers for my laptop, OS and graphics card.

Thanks !

intel or amd cpu?

Anyway use Ubuntu 20.04.

For the amd instructions.

Install a 460+ driver.

If you have this installed:

read the Readme about graphics switching.
Otherwise use prime-select to choose your prime profile (intel|nvidia|on-demand).

That message is normal when the driver is loading, because of the drivers proprietary license.
If all that isn’t working, create a bug-report: run as root (from the tty if you get the black screen) and attach the resulting file here.

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Updating the kernel fixed it and works like a charm for my AMD Ryzen and RTX 3060 Laptop. Thanks a lot!