Not able to offload tc flows to hardware with Linux tc

I have a setup where I launched two SRIOV VMs by with Openstack(openstack + open contrail) and installed the OVS manually in the setup(Ubuntu 18.04). Following instructions provided in the document to have tc flows installed on the ConnectX-4 Ln card. I enabled switchdev to get the representer(switchdev) netdevs for the corresponding VFs. I created a ovs bridge and attached the PF and representer(switchdev) netdevs in that bridge. When I ping one VM to the other VM the traffic always comes on to the representer(switchdev) netdevs, which it should not. I mean only the arp and the first packet should come on to the the representer(switchdev) netdevs and rest should flow through the network card and should not be visible on the representer(switchdev) netdevs. After debugging sometime, I saw status of ovsd and I could see that the following error is showing up in the status of ovsd. ovs|00002|dpif_netlink(handler20)|ERR|failed to offload flow: Invalid argument and when I run dmesg I get the following error [ 2117.205547] netlink: ‘ovs-vswitchd’: attribute type 5 has an invalid length. Despite that error from the ovsd, the traffic still works but in software which I don’t wanted. Please suggest me a proper approach whether I am on the right path or anything needs to be done other than this.

Setup details:

OS: Ubuntu 18.04

Kernerl version: 4.15.0-20-generic

OVS version: 2.9.0

MLNX OFED version: 4.4-2.0.7

firmware-version: 14.23.1020 (MT_2410110034)

Mellanox card: ConnectX-4 LN.

Please also note that in the ASAP2 document it mentions that the firmware-version should be 16.21.0338 for the same ConnectX-4 card. Should I need to update my firmware or any extra configuration needs to be done. If I have to update the update the firmware, what extra measures I need to take to make it successful. Thanks.

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I am in the same situation…