Notice: CUDA Linux Repository Key Rotation

in the above replace $distro/$arch section , why is there “ubuntu2004/x86_64” ?

@thaha1 I think you mean why is there “ubuntu2204/x86_64”? Good point, in our CUDA 11.7 release coming out next week we will support it and that repo will be live, but it’s not supported for 11.6 and earlier.

My copy/paste error got it onto the list a little bit early, apologies for that.

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Hi @roarmstrong ,

Can you check on the Machine Learning repo as well. It’s key is also rotated but it don’t have new key on the repo

Hi @nguyenductin
We did not update the signing key (7fa2af80) for the Machine Learning repositories. Please consider installing a newer version of cuDNN, NCCL, and/or TensorRT products, which are available in the CUDA repositories.

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it seems to work for me.