NPP collapsed functions variants

As per NPP documentation : (What is NPP ? — npp 12.3 documentation)

Also NPP will soon release an API variant that provides collapsed combined parameter versions of many API calls. For example a call like nppiAdd_8u_C3R_Ctx(pSrc1, nSrc1Step, pSrc2, nSrc2Step, pDst, nDstStep, oSizeROI, nppStreamCtx) will become nppiAdd_Ctx(NPP_8U, NPP_CH_3, pSrc1, nSrc1Step, pSrc2, nSrcStep2, pDst, nDstStep, oSizeROI, nppStreamCtx). This makes adding support for new data types and number of channels simpler as well as significantly reducing redundant documentation.

Is there an ETA on this ? Is it still planned ?

My use case is making bindings to NPP in Rust. It is currently not trivial to add support for all operations while being generic over sample type and channel layout.