NPP in Release 4.0 NPP sample code


I could not find any sample code for NPP in Release 4.0. Is NPP being deprecated?
The link for NPP samples from the page " " does not work.
As per the GPU SDK ‘new features guide’ there should be NPP specific examples (imageSegmentationNPP, histEqualizationNPP, FreeImageInteropNPP, BoxFilterNPP) in the GPU Computing SDK samples, which I couldnt find either.

Am I looking at the wrong place? Or NPP is irrelevant because of any other library tools?


Now that NPP is shipping as part of the official CUDA Toolkit, we decided to move the code examples into the SDK.

The NPP samples can be fund here:

NVIDIA is committed to supporting NPP and developing it further. I see making NPP an official part of the CUDA Toolkit as proof of our NPP commitment.

Seems like samples given in the link, (which is the same I pointed to also) is broken. When you try to download the sample, gives the message “File Not Found” . Try this,
And I looked inside the SDK to find any samples with suffix NPP, I couldnt find any.

To confirm again, I am talking about Release 4.0. Obviously there is some confusion here. Either I am looking at the wrong place or the link is broken!

Ah, broken links. I’ll inform the person in charge of the web-page. Thanks for pointing this out.

Thanks for alerting us to the broken links, and sorry for the inconvenience. The folks in charge of the website have applied the appropriate fixes, and the download links at the following page should work now:

I tried the links manually and was able to download the files, including all NPP examples, succesfully. Please let us know should there still be issues with downloading the NPP examples.

Thanks! I am able to download now.