NPPI Label Markers adds zero pixel as object region

I’m using the boundSegmentsNPP example code from CUDA 11.1.1 with the following image:
When using the function nppiLabelMarkersUF_8u32u_C1R with the flag nppiNormInf I get this result:
Please note the area at right of the object which touches the upper border.
When I change the flag to nppiNormL1 (4 connected) I get this result:

Same things happen if I use nppiFloodFillBoundary_8u_C1IR for example.

I’m pretty sure this is not how it should work. Has anyone an idea how to fix this?

If anyone has similar issues, here is an update: I recently wrote a bug report and nVidia confirmed that there are issues.
They answered that it’s planned to release the corrected version with NPP 11.3.
So with the actual version 11.2 of cuda the issue still exists.