Nsight compute profile run with nan value

I have a question regarding ncu/nv-nsight-cu-cli profile. I am getting nan for my run as following.

DRAM Frequency                                                            cycle/second                        (!) nan
SM Frequency                                                              cycle/second                        (!) nan
Elapsed Cycles                                                                   cycle                        (!) nan
Memory [%]                                                                           %                        (!) nan
SOL DRAM                                                                             %                        (!) nan
Duration                                                                       usecond                         193.25
SOL L1/TEX Cache                                                                     %                        (!) nan
SOL L2 Cache                                                                         %                        (!) nan
SM Active Cycles                                                                 cycle                        (!) nan
SM [%]                                                                               %                        (!) nan
---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- ------------------------------

Do you know if there is something wrong with the system or set up? What should i do to fix that.

Can you please provide more details?
What is the ncu version (can find out using ncu --version)?
Which GPU are you using?
Please provide complete ncu command line options used.
Confirm that the CUDA application runs correctly without any error (when running without profiler).
Try collecting some single metric, e.g.

ncu --metrics gpc__cycles_elapsed.max <application>