Nsight Graphics 2018.6 is now available!

NVIDIA® Nsight™ Graphics 2018.6 is now available.

NVIDIA Nsight Graphics 2018.6 is now available for download! Version 2018.6 includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • New Support: Windows 10 RS5 (Redstone 5)
  • Support for the final interface of DXR in the Frame Debugging and GPU Trace Activities
  • New Support: Full Ubuntu Linux Support
  • Nsight Graphics for Linux is out of Beta!
  • Support for Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04
  • New Support: Increased Vulkan extension support
  • Added support for 15 Vulkan extensions this release!
  • See the full release notes for exact extensions
  • New Support: Increased NVAPI support
  • MultiDrawIndirect support has been added for DX11
  • VRPS (Variable Pixel Rate Shading) Extension support added for DX11 and DX12
  • Improved: Trouble shooting section expanded in User Documentation including Actionable steps are offered to troubleshoot common issues
  • Improved: Vulkan Capture overhead reduced by up to 15% for some applications
  • Improved: Includes several bug fixes and application compatibility fixes


Download Nsight Graphics 2018.6 here: https://developer.nvidia.com/gameworksdownload#?dn=nvidia-nsight-graphics-2018-6