Nsight Systems 2024.3 Release Announcement | Desktop-Server (x86-64 | Arm SBSA)

The latest update to NVIDIA Nsight Systems - a triage and performance analysis tool designed to track GPU workloads to their CPU origins within a system-wide view. With features help you analyze your applications’ GPU utilization, graphic and compute API activity, and OS runtime operations. This helps optimize your application to perform and scale efficiently across any quantity or size of CPUs and GPUs—from workstations to supercomputers.—is now available for download. Nsight Systems 2024.3 introduces several improvements aimed to enhance the profiling experience.

2024.3 highlights

  • Amazon AWS Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) Network Metrics (preview)

NVIDIA Nsight Systems can now periodically sample performance metrics for AWS Elastic Fabric Adapters (EFAs) and plot it on the timeline in the GUI. This enables developers to analyze how network communications may be involved with the critical path of their multi-node application. Announced at GTC 2024, in collaboration with AWS, this new plugin will work on AWS EC2 NVIDIA GPU accelerated compute instances.

  • Plugin mechanism (preview)

NVIDIA Nsight Systems can now launch and manage helper processes when profiling, which can add data to reports via NVTX and extensions APIs. The Amazon AWS Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) Network Metrics collector is the first plugin.

  • NVTX Counters Extension API support (preview)

NVIDIA Nsight Systems now supports the new NVTX Counters Extension API. Data emitted through this mechanism can be plotted on the timeline like other metrics: NVIDIA GPU, NVIDIA NIC/HCAs, NVIDIA Grace PMUs, Linux Perf counters, etc.

  • NVTX Payloads Extension API support (preview)

NVIDIA Nsight Systems now supports the new NVTX Payloads Extension API, which enables more data to be attached to events without stringification. Reflection information for payload data structures are registered on initialization. Later, binary data can be submitted with their reflection identifier through NVTX functions such as ranges, marks, and counters.

Nsight Systems is part of the powerful debugging and profiling NVIDIA Nsight Tools Suite. A developer can start with Nsight Systems for an overall system view and avoid picking less efficient optimizations based on assumptions and false-positive indicators.

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