Nsight Systems for x86 version 2019.3

Release highlights:

Improved Command Line Interface (CLI)

  • New CLI status command.
  • Support for cudaProfilerStart/Stop() API from the interactive CLI
  • Automatic conversion of .qdstrm temp results file to .qdrep format if converter utility is available.
  • BETA - New nsys-exporter utility to export Nsight Systems data as JSON, text, or SQLite. See /Documentation/nsys-exporter in your installation directory for more information.

Vulkan profiling on Windows and Linux
NVIDIA VKRay Tracing (Vulkan profiling)
VSYNC row on Linux target machines (Vulkan profiling)
Stutter analysis report for DX12 and Vulkan
GPU local memory utilization graph on Windows
Windows Symbols servers support
Remote profiling of Windows target machines
Various bug fixes and performance enhancements.