Nsight Systems for x86 version 2019.4.2

Nsight Systems 2019.4 for x86-64 is now publicly available, adding many new profiling features for both CUDA and graphics users.

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Release Highlights


  • Event table - alternative view of timeline data
  • Improved CUDA memory transfer color scheme
  • Expanded export capabilities
  • New data sources: thread information, cuDNN, cuBLAS, Vulkan
  • Streaming export for larger report files & less RAM utilization


  • Manifest-based ETW support
  • Start & stop capture via hotkey
  • SLI log

Linux Workstation and Server

  • Ftrace collection
  • CUDA API backtrace option
  • MPI API trace
  • CLI enhancements
    • Export on stop
    • Kill signal on stop
    • Print statistics on stop
    • Wait for all processes
    • Return app exit codes when using “profile” command
    • Multiple reports from a single app session with start & stop commands
    • "nsys" is registered with "debian alternatives"
    • Capture range improvements -Now additionally works in "nsys profile"; NVTX registered string as a capture range; Option to stop on range end without a matching start