Nsight Visual Studio Edition Supported GPUs for LAPTOPs?

Hi Forum,

This might not be a super technical one, but I’m trying to order a Windows-based, GPU-powered company laptop and our approved options are limited. Within our group we do require the support for Nsight Visual Studio Edition.

In the supported GPUs provided list, I only see the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU as a supported one.

So does this mean an NVIDIA professional laptop with, for instance, an RTX 5000 Ada Generation as listed here does not support the Nsight Visual Studio Edition? If so, will it be supported at some point?!

I would appreciate your help!

“Binary compatibility within one GPU generation can be guaranteed under certain conditions because they share the basic instruction set. This is the case between two GPU versions that do not show functional differences at all (for instance when one version is a scaled down version of the other)”
Source: CUDA Compiler Driver NVCC Reference Guide

Sorry for the late reply. RTX 5000 Ada Generation should be supported also !

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