Numpy throwing illegal instruction(core dumped) error


My numpy was working fine with 1.19.5 version previously.

While installing tensorflow by following these instructions my numpy got downgraded to 1.16.1.

Later, I upgraded it to 1.19.5 version using pip install numpy --upgrade.
Now I am getting illegal instruction(core dumped) error while importing numpy,
Please help me resolve this issue.

I assume that you are running your code on Jetson.
According to this thread, try this in your terminal before running your program


You can also put it in the same command. For instance, if you are running a python script, you would write:


If it is the same case that I had, the problem is installing the numpy with pip. If you install it with apt, you won’t need this.

apt-get install -y python-numpy python3-numpy

Again, not sure if my issue was exactly the same.

Downgrading my numpy version to 1.19.4 solved my issue.

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