NVCC fatal : Unknown option 's'

Alright, so, I’m a complete newbie to CUDA, AND Linux, so bare with me for a bit here.
I downloaded the files:
cuda toolkit 4.0.17 64 bits
cuda tools 4.0.17 64 bits
gpucomputingsdk 4.0.17

all for linux, and im going to work with an NVidia GTX 550 (I think? I dont have the card near me atm)
Anyway, right now, we’re trying to just get CUDA to work without the card. So I installed those three files…
And I installed Code::Blocks to work with it.

I followed this guide Musings of an astro-boy: CUDA in Code::Blocks - First things second to get my CUDA code to work with Code::Blocks. After a couple of hours I finally got it to “compile” (as in, I managed to get it not to tell me it couldn’t find any of the shrutil.h or whatnot header files).
But, now it wont compile… it says “NVCC fatal: Unknown option ‘s’”. In that same link, someone mentions I should just uncheck strip all symbols from binary(minimizes size) [-s] . But it is already unchecked.

I’d very much appreciate it if anyone manages to tell me just what’s wrong, or what I can do to fix it. Im running the randomfog example from the SDK samples. If you think, or know of another IDE I could use, im up to it, I’ll try it.

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Lavin

Apparently the unrecognized -s option is still sent to nvcc! Just figure out where this thing is from and remove it.

You should actually try compiling a CUDA helloworld example that can be easily googled.
Do not use IDEs when you are just starting. It’s better to know how to work with the command-line options first.

Could you elaborate on how to figure where that thing is from? Do you mean in the code?

Thanks in advance

I have the same problem and I don’t know how I can fix it. Anybody knows?

Danborz and Alberto14, I used the same tutorial and in my Code::Block (ver 10.05, Win 7), for a very annoying and mysterious fact, my Project Buld Options it’s using ‘-s’. Yeap, “project options” override “compiler options”… Just left click in your project, “build options” and uncheck ‘-s’.

Maybe your IDE is making some thing similar.



PS: Sorry my poor english. Brazilian user + G_Translator :)