nvcc info

Hello! Does anybody know where to find an information about nvcc output like
“ptxas info : Used 11 registers, 24+20 bytes smem, 52 bytes cmem[0], 4 bytes cmem[1]” ?
It’s clearly that cmem is constant memory, smem - shared, but what is cmem[0] and cmem[1] mean? and maybe there are some other meaningfull indices also?

Try in nvcc_2.0.pdf p.28 “Printing code generation statistics”.

Thanks for answer. I’d seen that pdf, but there are only info about

cmem[1] and cmem[14] :“constant program ‘variables’ (bank 1)” and “compiler generated constants (bank 14)”, but not about all the indices.

I would advise a trip to a optician as the stuff you claim is missing is between the sample output and the stuff you quote…

The question is not about shared/constant/etc. I want to know about the [1]/[14]/…

Documentation says “1-program variables, 14-compiler generated”, but I see another numbers in output: cmem[0] and cmem[1], is it the same as in doc and in the same order? or the banks could be arbitrary? And how about texture, it is also constant?

Hmm, I’ll check my outputs, I think I also only see [0] and [1] in cmem, so either the documentation is incorrect or incomplete.