nvcc not found in eclipse

Hi, i’m developing a project with a few files in cuda, one in assembly and the others in C++.
I made my own makefile, that calls g++ (for the .cpp files), nasm (for the .asm file) and nvcc (for the .cu files).
When i use the shell to do the make, it’s all fine. But when eclipse calls make, i get the error:

nvcc: command not found

as if nvcc were not in the path.
it’s extrange because eclipse finds nasm without problems.
I think it can be a eclipse configuration problem.

Any help would be great.

Try to put in your makefile the direct path to nvcc. Normally is /usr/local/cuda/nvcc.

I’ve done this already and it works. I should posted here the solution, but i forgot it.

Thanks anyway.

I followed the same idea, but I had to use this path:


Maybe it’s a newer version of cuda toolkit… but really thanks anyway!!