NVCUVID and 422 mpeg2/mpeg4 video?

I am working through implementing a GPU based streaming mpeg decoder using NVCUVID, which is working great (under windows 7… however we need XP support so currently using Cuda v6.0 due to compiler support…)

The problem we have hit is trying to get support for 422 subsampled mpeg. There exist flags to set that for the incoming data, however the output seems heavily corrupted (and no sign as to why). Basically it looks like you get on badly corrupted mpeg files (broken block artifacts getting progressively worse from top left corner).

Am I missing something here? should 422 decode be possible?

The VDPAU docs seem to imply output needs to go to a UYUV target rather than NV12, however that does not seem possible in the API?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Am I trying the impossible, or missing the obvious?

Thanks for your time.


Have you managed to solve 422 issue?
I have the same problem.