NVDECs - I need more! (nVidia employees, please read)

Dear nVidia employees, this message is for you:

How do you determine which quadro GPU gets how many NVDEC units? In my humble view it does not make sense right now. One generation, Quadro RTX 3000 gets 3, RTX 4000 gets 2 and RTX 6000 gets one.
Next generation, “Quadro” RTX A4000 gets one and RTX A6000 gets 2.

From a integrated product development view, I would like to see some consistency. We can not plan for the future this way.

Why? Well, for the solution I am working on right now, it is not important how many CUDA cores the card has. Only the decoding performance is important. And you guys have it the best! If you can give me 5 NVDECs in one single slot card, I would be more than happy and it would solve all our problems.

So we were quite OK with RTX 4000 having 2 NVDECs as we could stack two of these in one 1U rack and everything worked reasonably well. And we were looking forward to the new generation and expected it to still have at least 2 NVDECs.

But someone has decided that the RTX A4000 will only get one. So why did you do that? Who and how does determine the count? Can I somehow affect the product line or ask for a custom GPU with unlocked units if the purchases would be in hundreds of cards? Please give me anything, I am starting to be quite desperate over the NVDEC count. And no, A100 is not the answer - too many CUDA cores, too much power consumption, too pricey and I still need an output in the end.

Thank You in advance :)