Performance NVENC of Nvidia A16

Hi all, I’ve builld a platform about video streaming. Currently, I using Nvenc for main encoder of my platform with custom of ffmpeg, it work perfectly, very thankfully.
And Now, I need to scale up encoder with new version of nvidia card, so I wondering from Nvidia A10, and A16, they’ve same price but A16 have 4 chip of Nvenc. but actually, idk what performance of a16 card (I’ve only card a10 for test).
Anybody have experience about card a16 please give me an advise. thank alot

Hello @vietanha34 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I don’t have personal experience with these GPUs, but they are difficult to compare since they are for different target applications. One thing they have in common is that they are in general data center GPUs typically used for Virtualization. While the A10 is meant for workstation virtualization and compute workloads, the A16 is mainly used for actual Desktop virtualization, what is called VDI, to give many users graphical Desktop access through virtual environments.
Check out this (old) Blog post.

Which GPU to chose for your specific use case depends on many factors, like how many concurrent streams do you need, what resolutions and encodings, how many should run on one GPU.

The A16 has 4 NVENC chips compared to the A10. That means the number of possible concurrent NVENC sessions can potentially be higher. But the A10 has more VRAM and higher bandwidth as well as core clocks, so if you have very high resolution requirements the A16 might be limited by other things than the number of NVENC chips.

In summary, if you have access to an A10, you might want to ask from your service provider if you could also do a test run with an A16 with your specific workload.

I hope this helps at least somewhat.


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