NVIDIA 535.43.03 Driver breaks older Minecraft versions

New to reporting bugs, I have no Idea what information/logs to put here, so I’ll give some of my findings. If needed I will add more information later.

Issue appeared as soon as I updated to 535.43.03. Does not seem to be related to X11 or Wayland.
Happens with all Minecraft versions running Java 8 (other people pointed out it’s because of LWJGL 2), modded or not.

System is a laptop with an RTX 3060 Mobile, running in hybrid mode. (GPU uses framebuffer copy, IGP displays everything)

I have no in game screenshots, as I downgraded the drivers to be able to play, if needed I will add them later.


i have the same issue on arch linux, kde plasma x11 nvidia driver 535.54.03 (GTX 1660 Super)

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same issue with nvidia 535.86.05 (GTX 1050ti)

workaround: __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=0 in /etc/environment

or run __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=0 minecraft-launcher in terminal

is this fixed yet

it has been fixed since 545

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